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For project design, impact assessment and other purposes, JM has  led more than 10 large scale livelihoods surveys, as well as more specific surveys on rural credit, producer groups, rural transport, and agricultural research/extension impact.  He has also assisted with the design and/or analysis of a number of other surveys.

Acrobat FileThe symbol indicates a survey report is ready to download.  The letters PDF indicate a report that is being prepared for web publication.  References indicate surveys which are fully discussed in a Publication, with no separate report.  Some earlier reports are no longer to hand.  Efforts are being made to track them down.

2006 Jamaica, Inner Cities Services (PDF)
Survey of 15 inner city communities, baseline for public infrastructure and services project.
Jamaica Social Investment Fund, Kingston, Jamaica
1998 Land Reform Impact (PDF)
Survey of farmer livelihoods and land tenure, to assess impact of planned land tenure reform.
Land and Surveys Commission, Georgetown, Guyana
1995 Traffic, North West Dominican Republic
Survey of traffic on rural roads network to support design of and act as baseline for rural roads construction programme.
PROLINO, Mao, Dominican Republic
1995 Livelihoods, NW Dominican Republic
Comprehensive livelihoods/farming systems survey, baseline for major rural development programme.
PROLINO, Mao, Dominican Republic
1993 Zanzibar City Agricultural Market (PDF)
Survey of traffic, prices and volumes of produce sold, to design  project to develop the market.
UN Capital Development Fund, Tanzania
1992 Rapid Rural Appraisal of Dankhuta Region
Checklist-structured interviews with producer groups, womens groups and with government servants in rural communities, to develop recommendations for support to rural development and the national agricultural strategy.
Ministry of Agriculture, Katmandhu, Nepal
1992 Communal  Area Horticulture, NE Zimbabwe (PDF)
Livelihoods survey of members of horticultural producers association, to evaluate impact of support to the association.
Agricultural Development Authority, Harare, Zimbabwe
1990 Sorghum Variety Impact, W. Darfur (PDF)
Survey of uptake of new varieties and their impact on production and livelihoods.
Jebel Marra Rural Development Project, Zalingei, Sudan
1989 & 1990 Traffic, W. Darfur (PDF)
Survey of vehicle numbers, goods, passengers, to evaluate impact of rural roads programme.
JMRDP, Zalingei, Sudan
1989 Small Scale Irrigation, W. Darfur (PDF)
Survey of small-holder horticulture production, irrigated from shallow wells, to identify useful research/extension interventions in the sector.
JMRDP, Zalingei, Sudan
1989 Wet Season, W. Darfur (PDF)
Last of a series of annual livelihoods/farming systems surveys, to assess impact of major development programme.
JMRDP, Zalingei, Sudan
1988 /89/90

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Post Harvest, W. Darfur (With A. Turkawi et al) 
Early warning surveys of household food-grain balances, to support recovery from 1984/85 famine.
JMRDP, Zalingei, Sudan
1984 Nomad Livelihoods, S. Darfur
Parallel to the Farmer Surveys below, but in the pastoralist sector.
      Western Savanna Development Corporation, Nyala, Sudan
1983 Credit Survey, S. Darfur
Survey of borrowing and lending among rural households.
WSDC, Nyala, Sudan
1982 & 1983 Farmer Livelihoods, S. Darfur
Comprehensive livelihoods/farming systems surveys, baseline for major rural development programme.
WSDC, Nyala, Sudan

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Agricultural Mechanisation, Wadi Rima
Survey of new, rapidly expanding SME tractor hire operations in traditional agriculture.
Agricultural Engineering Project, Taiz, Yemen
1979 Food Consumption, Montane Plains
Survey of food consumption in rural farm households.
Dhamar Agricultural Research Station, Yemen
1975/6 Agricultural Market Networks
Survey of prices and volumes sold in rural and urban markets; key informant interviews with producers and traders at all points in the value chain.
Montane Plains and Wadi Rima Project, Sana’a, Yemen
Livelihood Surveys

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